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Second AIoT Boot Camp 2020, Hybrid Event (Bosch Connectory / Online)

The second AIoT boot camp was focusing on the review of the beta version of the Ignite AIoT Framework. Main work areas identified for the next iteration:

  • Product vs. Solution: How are they different, and how can we ensure that Ignite AIoT can be used for both (currently the main focus is on products)?
  • Lean Startup vs Enterprise: Ignite is comprehensive, and very suitable for fully productized offerings. We should consider creating a version which is better suited to smaller-scale, early-stage developments

Please take a look at the following if you want to learn more about what happened during the public part of the boot camp:

  • Video of the AIoT User Group launch event, including nice presentation on "How AIoT is going to win the next world soccer championship", delivered by Marc Haberland from Clariba
  • A write up of the AIoT launch event from analyst firm Transforma Insights can be found here.

First AIoT Boot Camp 2020, Stuttgart Connectory

The first AIoT Boot Camp at the Stuttgart Connectory in January 2020 was an intense, 3 day workshop on the application of AI and IoT. This is where the first concepts of AIoT were developed and the decision was made to create a more formalized community.

AIoT Bootcamp Spring 2020 at Bosch Connectory

We had great presentations and insights:

  • Ralph Nelius (Deutsche Post) and Alexander Willinek (Evaco) on AI for devices and custom AI solutions
  • Michael Weniger (Deutsche Post) on AI in logistics
  • Prof. Thomas Bartz-Beielstein (TH Köln) on AI in public projects
  • Dirk Slama and Marten Oberpichler from Bosch on AI and IoT methodology
  • Benjamin Linnik (Opitz) on anomaly detection and network monitoring
  • Torsten Winterberg (Opitz) on AI-driven co-innovation and OC AI factory
  • Peter Lindlau (Tomorrow Labs) on Industrial AI
  • Christoph Voigt (Recogizer) on AI and Energy Efficiency / HVAC use case
  • Laurenz Kirchner (mm1) on IoT frameworks for AI
  • Hajo Normann (Accenture) on Data Management for AI
  • Marc Haberland (Clariba) on AI in soccer team performance analysis