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The AIoT User Group is an international organization, with many activities happening online and in virtual meetings. However, we also aim to work with regional partners and local chapters, because local networks and sometimes also face-to-face meetings can be important (Corona permitting). Here is an overview of some regional activities. Contact us if you want to get engaged.

Aiot Canada.jpg
AIot Canada
AIoT Canada is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) established in 2019 to promote the adoption, development and operationalization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Canada.

AI Circle.png
AI Circle
The AI Circle is bringing together AI users, thought leaders, experts and researchers with regional companies mainly from the Stuttgart area in Germany.

Innovation Hub.png
Innovation Hub Bergisches Rheinland e.V.
The Innovation Hub Bergisches RheinLand is a local innovation center pushing open innovation, by bringing together local companies, politics and education.

TH Köln.png
Technology Arts Science TH Köln
The Technology Arts Science TH Köln is a institut für data science, engineering, and analytics.

Scale by the Bay
Scale By the Bay is the iconic West Coast community conference on software and data engineering. It's famous for functional programming, cloud-native applications, and end-to-end data pipelines for ML and AI. Next Conference: online in EU and US timezones, November 12-13, 2020.