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The AIoT User Group enables experience sharing and exchange of good practices for building smart, connected products using AI and IoT. We are a non-profit organization, with a focus on bringing together end-users (enterprises and startups) of AI and IoT in a number of different application domains.


The AIoT User Group was initiated by Dirk Slama (Bosch, Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut), Laurenz Kircher, Juan Garcia, Andreas Haas (mm1), Torsten Winterberg, Dirk Casper, Benjamin Linnik (Opitz), Ralph Nelius, Michael Weniger (Deutsche Post), Hajo Normann (Accenture), Marc Haberland (Clariba), Peter Lindlau (Tomorrow Labs), Christoph Voigt (recogizer), Thomas Bartz-Beielstein (TH Köln), Alexander Willinek (Evaco)


There are a number of different ways to participate:

  • Join our LinkedIn Group
  • Listen to our Ignite Talks (or give one yourself)
  • Participate in one of our AIoT boot camps (or organize one yourself)
  • Join one of our work groups to actively contribute to the development of AIoT good practices
  • Contact us HERE with any additional ideas / questions


Participation in the AIoT User Group is free of charge

Contact & Legal

The AIoT User Group is an open collaboration platform, hosted by Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut (FSTI) as a neutral, non-profit facilitator. Our privacy notice according to GDPR can be viewed here

Address: Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut (FSTI) Bildungscampus 9 D-74076 Heilbronn Phone: +49 711 1839-808